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Við gerum þér auðveldara að fá réttu lausnina

Þegar teikningum er deilt með undirverktökum, þarf að þær sem bæði PDF og DXF og vista það á réttum stað. Það fer fram sjálfkrafa með Tick Tool Manage, og getur þú komist hjá villum.

Tick Cad invests in the expanding 3D- Laser scanning market, which has enormous potential helping customers, where accurate measuring is a critical factor.

Tick ​​Cad, assist companies in the Industry, Construction and Design segment becoming more efficient in their use of software from Autodesk, such as Inventor and Revit, expanded the business with FARO® 3D Design ScanArm® 2.5C and software from
3D Systems.

“Only your imagination limits the use, but in general all industries which works with reverse engineering, construction, 3D documentation, measuring prototypes, 3D printing and documentation of wearing parts will benefit from using 3D scanning, as 3D laser scanning streamlines work” Leif Jessen Hansen from Tick Cad.

“Everyone who works with surveying and measuring are familiar with the extra cost, should you make a mistake, lack a survey and how challenging it can be measuring at places which are difficult to reach. A FARO® 3D Design ScanArm solves all these problems” Leif Jessen Hansen.

Tick ​​Cad sell FARO 3D laser scanners and software to existing and new customers, which work professionally with measuring.

Furthermore, Tick Cad offers scanning as a service, where scanning is executed at the customer's location plus performs finishing of the point cloud.

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