Matterport Introduction and support

Matterport Introduction and support

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Introduction to Matterport and support tickets

  • Matterport Introduction and Support

    Elevate your Matterport experience with our exclusive Matterport Introduction and Support Package consisting of 10 support tickets of 15 minutes each. 

    Embark on a seamless journey into the world of Matterport with our guidance. Our Matterport Pro experts are ready to provide you and your team with an immersive introduction session, ensuring you harness the full potential of this user-friendly technology.

    What is included in this package?

    • Unlock the Power of the 1 Button: Discover the magic behind the 1 button on the camera, simplifying your capturing process and taking your visuals to the next level.
    • Master the Art of Capture: Learn the insider tips and tricks on how to capture physical locations and showcase your spaces in the best light possible.
    • What to Be Aware Of: Navigate potential challenges seamlessly with our expert advice on what to be aware of during your Matterport journey.
    • Publishing and Sharing Mastery: Unleash the true potential of your captures by understanding the ins and outs of publishing and sharing on various platforms.
    • Admin Panel Unveiled: Dive into the admin panel and explore the many possibilities it offers for customization and control over your Matterport experience.
    • Expert Support: Enjoy dedicated support time with our experts with these support tickets. Use them for help with point clouds, stay updated on newly released Matterport features, and explore exciting add-ons.

    But that's not all… 

    Our support extends beyond Matterport, and your tickets can therefore be utilized for regular CAD support in applications like Inventor, Revit, and ReCap.

    Communication is key, and we've got you covered. While Teams is our standard channel, we are flexible and can arrange other communication channels based on your preferences.

    Maximize your Matterport experience and elevate your visual storytelling. Grab the Matterport Introduction and Support Package now and witness the transformation.