Autodesk Flex

Autodesk Flex

Call for Price

Pay as you go for occasional product use.

  • Autodesk Flex 

    As an alternative to a dedicated subscription, Autodesk Flex offers occasional users a new, cost-effective way to access top Autodesk products for a daily pay-as-you-go rate.

    Is Autodesk Flex right for your business?

     Here are a few questions to help you decide:

    • Do you have users that only use certain products for seven days or less per month?
    • Are you spending money on a dedicated subscription for infrequent users?
    • Do you find it challenging to add new users or subscriptions to fast-moving projects?
    • Do certain users need specific tools for different stages in your design process?
    • Are you hesitant to try specialized tools for different project stages because of cost?


    If the answer is YES to one more of the questions then Autodesk Flex can be the right solution for your team. 


    Best for occasional users

    • Buy tokens to access a wide range of Autodesk products.
    • Use tokens to access a product for 24 hours at a time or to generate a result.
    • Assign as many users as you want to Flex and manage which products they can access.

    How long do I have to use my Autodesk tokens and do they roll over?

    How am I charged for Flex product usage?

    For products and services charged per result:

    Can I have a mix of both subscription and Flex in my team?

    Can I split token packs across different teams?

    Which Autodesk plan benefits do I receive when I buy Autodesk tokens?

    What happens when I run out of Autodesk tokens and my users try to open a product?

    Can I restrict user access to Autodesk products included with Flex?