UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører (Consulting Engineers) is a company that proudly represents professional competence and expertise in consulting and construction. From their headquarters in Silkeborg, Denmark they focus on creating buildable solutions that are not only future-proof and economically sustainable but also provide optimal conditions for end-users in the use of the buildings.

Complex Projects

UBBE Consulting Engineers are dedicated in their approach to project work, exclusively utilizing 3D modeling. This is a deliberate strategy designed to enhance project communication and eliminate potential challenges that may arise from working in 2D.

This approach is clearly reflected in the prevention of collisions, elimination of installation errors, and reduction of necessary changes in task resolution. UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører simultaneously acknowledge the complexity of ensuring accurate communication and updated documentation in construction processes, especially when multiple collaborators are involved.

Therefore, the company seeks a comprehensive solution that effectively gathers and manages relevant documentation while accommodating 3D models. This ensures not only a more streamlined and efficient workflow but also a professional outcome in all phases of their engineering consultancy.

3D Design

UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører have a strategy to design and model in 3D, optimizing collaboration and communication with clients and partners. They have a clear goal for how projects should be handled in the future, minimizing time and resource wastage. This approach leads to better and faster projects, more satisfied clients, and improved working experiences for colleagues and collaborators.

Comprehensive Solution for Optimized Design

After conducting preliminary research, the company approached Tick Cad for consultation on the right solution.

With the need for 3D design and enhanced project communication, the choice fell on AEC Collection and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). With full access to Autodesk Revit, UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører’s employees can design and model in 3D, and with ACC, these drawings and models can be easily shared with other stakeholders, supported by feedback and comments.

This has made the design process even more detailed, and collaboration with both external and internal individuals has improved.

Faster Collaboration Across Teams

With AEC Collection and ACC implemented, UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører experience that errors and deficiencies are detected much faster in the design phase. Moreover, changes and corrections are easily communicated between relevant parties at the right time. This results in strengthened collaboration both internally and externally, supported communication, and constantly updated and accessible documentation.

By implementing this solution, UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører significantly align with their vision of transforming clients' needs into concrete, achievable solutions through tailored consulting for each project.

"Errors and deficiencies are quickly identified in our workflow, and we swiftly address these issues with architects and structural engineers. This way, we deliver high-quality 3D models," says Ashkan Aliloo Madsen, BIM Manager at UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører.

A Future in Growth

Equipped with a comprehensive solution of Autodesk products and collaboration with Tick Cad, UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører are prepared for a future that includes more complex projects and an ambition to grow the company by 100% in terms of the number of employees by the end of 2024.

"The collaboration with Tick Cad is fantastic. We are a small company ourselves, with a focus on flexibility and speed. What I really appreciate about Tick Cad is that they share the exact same values we prioritize," says Kasper Ubbe Nielsen, CEO of UBBE Rådgivende Ingeniører.